Studio Gear List:

Mac Pro
Logic Pro X DAW
Midas Venice f24 console

Outboard Gear:

API 3124 4-channel Preamp
Neve 511 preamp x2
Dbx 580a preamp x2
Dbx 560a compressor x2


sm57 x2
md421 x2
audix i5
rode nt5 x2
beta 52
blue kiwi


70s 4pc slingerland drum kit
Fender Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster
Rickenbacker semi hollow
Fender hot rod deville
Fender Twin Reverb reissue
Ashdown Bass cab and Head
Upright Piano
Roland Juno GI

Jesse Tiamson Owner/Engineer

Jesse has played and recorded music all his life. He continues to be involved in the Seattle music scene and opened On Air Recording to help other musicians record their ideas in a comfortable residential studio setting.


On Air Recording rates are based on a per song basis so that there are no time constraints for the final product. Half and full day rates are also available. If you would like to come in for a free session and to check out the space, please shoot me a message! Worst thing that can happen is you leave with a free recording.